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Dramatically reduces cracking in concrete caused by drying shrinkage.
Polypropylene fibers are being used extensively throughout the U.S.A. and Canada in all types of concrete construction, and they have proven to be an effective method of controlling unsightly and troublesome shrinkage cracking in concrete. When accepted construction practices are used, Durafiber polypropylene fibers can be used as a suitable and economical alternative in most cases for wire mesh.

Durafiber polypropylene fibers are a low denier monofilament material that quickly and easily mixes with the concrete mass creating a very effective multi-directional secondary reinforcement.
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Durafiber 3/4" lengths are an ideal size for fast and thorough mixing. You will find that Durafiber has excellent dispersion qualities in all types of concrete mixes.

Durafiber absorbs energy - The multi-directional positioning of Durafiber assists in relieving the stress that is developed during shrinkage. This energy is distributed to millions of fibers and will result in a reduction of plastic and drying shrinkage cracking.

Depending on the application, one cubic yard of concrete containing Durafiber can have in excess of 20,000,000 crack resistant fibers.

Precast Concrete - Durafiber is especially suited for use in precast units because of its ability to mix quickly and thoroughly into the concrete mass.

There is no unnecessary time delay or extended mixing required. The large number of fine fibers per cubic foot of concrete help assure maximum protection to the unprotected edges, corners and surfaces of precast units.

Durafiber used at the recommended quantity per cubic yard of concrete will reduce the permeability of most concrete. If there is an existing moisture problem, it is always advisable to use a low water/cement ratio concrete with Durafiber.

Durafiber will not rust or deteriorate.

If wire mesh is not properly located in the concrete floor, water may migrate into the concrete. If wire mesh is touching or in close proximity to the ground, severe rusting of the wire mesh and deterioration of the underside of the concrete floor could result.